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Is 12.2 Volts Enough to Start a Truck?


Is 12.2 Volts Enough to Start a Truck? />
Truck batteries and car batteries, while similar in terms of their operations, have some key differences as well. These differences generate different questions that may offer useful insights for both car and truck batteries. read more

What is a 638 Battery?


What is a 638 Battery? />
BPZ understands that the spec sheet of a battery can be confusing for customers as it contains many different numbers that have different meanings. For example, you would see an Ah rating that shows the amount of current the battery can supply for 1 hour, a cold-cranking Amp number that is the battery’s starting ability, and another number that you would see on the battery is the battery type number. Some people often confuse this number as the battery size number but that's not entirely true as a higher battery type number does not always mean a larger battery. read more