The types of batteries found in trucks are similar to the ones found in cars

The types of batteries found in trucks are similar to the ones found in cars />


Truck and bakkie batteries are like the big brothers of car batteries.

BatteryPower-Zone (BPZ) understands truck batteries are equally important as, in most cases, they need to be highly reliable and a breakdown could mean unfulfilled commitments.

Similar to cars, they more or less serve the same SLI (Starting, Lighting, Ignition) purposes in trucks. One difference is the battery voltage. While in cars you may find a 12V battery, in trucks and pick-ups due to their larger engines and greater horsepower, 24V batteries are the norm. This naturally makes truck batteries more expensive compared to car batteries.

The types of batteries found in trucks are similar to the ones found in cars. For the sake of clarity, we would briefly touch upon the types of batteries found in trucks. They are:

  • Flooded (Vented)– They are the oldest and the cheapest variant of truck and pick-up batteries. They require regular maintenance as the electrolyte level in each cell needs to be monitored. Moreover, regular cleaning is required as well to avoid corrosion build up that may retard the performance and or charging of the battery and ultimately the life of the battery.
  • Flooded (Sealed) – They are similar to flooded batteries except for the fact that the top cover is sealed and are therefore maintenance-free. Maintenance on the battery connections due to corrosion may still need attention. 
  • EFB – Enhanced Flooded Battery is a step up from normal wet acid batteries, and a step down from AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries.  These batteries have enhanced performance characteristics and are used extensively in start stop vehicles.
  • AGM – Absorbed Glass Mat may be used in SLI applications for trucks and bakkies with high electrical demands and with adjusted technology may also be used in stationary applications. Bear in mind that AGM refers to the state of the battery’s electrolyte and is not indicative of the performance characteristics of the battery.  AGM Batteries (with differently designed plates) may be used in SLI, Float, High heat, Deep Cycle applications.

Due to the high performance demands required on trucks, it is imperative that the correct battery sizes are implemented.

In 24 Volt applications batteries MUST have the following characteristics:

  • Same make
  • Same technology
  • Same ampere hour capacity
  • Same age (it is better to have 2 old batteries than to have 1 new and 1 old battery)
  • Same state of charge before being put into service
  • No 12 volt tapping off 1 battery ( 24 volt to 12 volt step down converters must be used)

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