Battery Power Zone near Me

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Battery Power Zone, more commonly known as BPZ, is a leading battery retailer in South Africa.

For all your battery-related needs, it is highly recommended that you pay a visit to one of our stores.

A question which often arises is which store is the nearest to your location.

Battery Power Zone has an extensive network of branches which covers three provinces and six cities.

  • In KwaZulu-Natal, there are 3 branches. The first branch is located in Hillcrest. Shop #23, The Colony Centre, 3 Inanda Road. The second branch is in Westmead, Pinetown, and can be found at 41 Alexander Road. In Newcastle we have a BPZ outlet, where they do deliveries on all orders.
  • In Eastern Cape, Our branch is in Port Elizabeth. It is located in the Walmer area on 183 Heugh Road.
  • In Mpumalanga, there are 2 branches. The first branch is in Nelspruit. 22 Rapid Road, 4 Riverside Industrial Park. The second branch is in Witbank and can be found on 28C Stevenson Road.

The above-mentioned addresses can be entered in an online map service like Google Maps. This would give you the shortest route to the store from your current location. Furthermore, you can visit and get the contact details of all our Zones. You can reach out to them via phone call, WhatsApp message or email.

In terms of products and services, you can find a solution to nearly every battery-related query at each of these branches. The range of batteries sold at these branches is suitable for various mainstream and niche applications.

A few examples of the battery types available include the ever-present automotive batteries, motorcycle batteries, solar batteries, UPS batteries, deep-cycle leisure batteries and torch batteries. The focus is not only on variety but on quality as well. These batteries are from premium brands such as Energizer, Enertec Batteries and Discover.

To supplement the battery stock, relevant accessories, like inverters and battery chargers, from reliable brands like CTEK are also available.

Maintenance services at a Battery Power Zone are handled by skilled technicians who take great care of your car's battery. Our staff maintains a friendly and approachable attitude towards all our customers.

Furthermore, we also offer complementary services such as free Wi-Fi and free coffee so that waiting time during fitment and maintenance of batteries does not feel like a drag.

Overall, by visiting a BPZ branch, you would get an unparalleled customer experience along with top quality products and services.