The 638 Battery Explanation & Definition

The 638 Battery Explanation & Definition />


BPZ understands that the spec sheet of a battery can be confusing for customers as it contains many different numbers that have different meanings.

For example, you would see an Ah rating that shows the amount of current the battery can supply for 1 hour, a cold-cranking Amp number that is the battery’s starting ability, and another number that you would see on the battery is the battery type number. Some people often confuse this number as the battery size number but that's not entirely true as a higher battery type number does not always mean a larger battery.

Cold cranking Amps can also be rated in different values based on country of manufacture, so a higher number might not be more powerful- you need to see if the rating is in SAE, IEC, or EN which just like Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures are measured on different scales.

Today, we would try to explain this with the particular example of a 638 battery.

A 638 battery is normally a lead-acid battery which serves as a starting, lighting, and ignition (SLI) battery. This means that its job is to provide a burst of high magnitude current required to start the automobile.

That is why their primary application is to be a starter automotive battery for cars. They cannot be used for the same applications as deep cycle batteries or as a part of a solar power backup system.

This is because the battery is not suited for frequent charge and discharge cycles due to its lower depth of discharge.

A 638 is a 12 V low maintenance or maintenance-free lead-acid battery. This means that it does not require maintenance as frequently as a standard lead-acid battery. With proper care, a Lead/Calcium 638 battery can outlast the average lifespan of a conventional lead-acid battery which is normally 2-3 years.

After the battery has been used for more than a year, it is recommended that one takes the battery for regular checkups at any reliable battery shop. In this way, you can notice any significant changes in the battery and avoid the hassle of a roadside breakdown.

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