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How long does it take to Charge the Motorcycle Battery Fully?

How long does it take to Charge the Motorcycle Battery Fully? />


A question regarding motorcycle batteries is their charging time. Those who are interested in keeping their batteries in a fully charged state often want to know how long it takes for the battery to reach 100% charge level.

There are different factors that determine the charge times. These include the size and age of the battery (i.e. old or new) and the type of charger used.

Generally speaking, on average a lead-acid battery would take somewhere around 6 to 24 hours to completely charge. The charging is often non-linear even when the battery is charged with a constant current. The first 70% can take around 5-8 hours while the remaining 30% can take as long as 8-10 hours. If you purchase a sealed brand new battery from a shop, it should already be charged to 80% of its full capacity. Therefore, before placing the battery in the motorcycle, it is best to charge the battery for a couple of hours.

Bike Chargers:

There are different types of chargers available in the market. Two general classifications are trickle chargers and float chargers. A trickle charger charges the battery continuously and, after about 24 hours, it would have charged the battery fully from flat charge. In this state, the charger could be unplugged at any time and you would find the battery fully charged. The float charger works differently, it starts charging the battery once the charge level drops below a particular point. It normally has a smart mechanism in place which monitors the battery levels and starts charging at the designated level. That is why float chargers are recommended for charging new sealed batteries before their first use.

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