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How to start a bike when the battery is drained?

How to start a bike when the battery is drained? />


Nearly every motorcyclist has experienced the dreaded scenario where their bike battery becomes completely drained or, in other words, the battery is dead.

This normally occurs due to rider negligence and it’s happened to us all. For instance, you arrive at your destination and park your motorcycle but don't switch off the ignition key completely. This means that the electronics on the bike keep using the battery without any recharge from the alternator. As a result, when one tries to start the motorcycle again, it won't start due to a completely dead battery.

That being said, there are ways to start the motorcycle in this condition.

The first thing one must do is to rule out other possibilities that may prevent the bike from starting. This includes checking the tank for fuel and checking if the spark plugs have any excess carbon buildup. One would get further confirmation if the battery indicator light is on as it normally lights up if the battery voltage is low. If the battery is completely dead and has no voltage, then the indicator light may not even come on and there is nothing that can be done to start the motorcycle right away.

However, if the battery is not completely drained, it is possible to jumpstart the battery and start the motorcycle right away. You can jumpstart the battery from another motorcycle battery or a car battery. The process is done by connecting the battery terminals of the 2 batteries via jumper cables.

Keep them connected for a few minutes and then attempt to start the motorcycle. If it starts, leave it connected for a bit longer and then take the bike to the nearest battery zone for a full charge.

If jumper cables are not available, the push start method can be attempted where the bike is put in gear and pushed along a clear stretch of road while holding in the clutch. At speed, the clutch is released quickly and an attempt is made to start the motorcycle.

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