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Why does my Motorcycle Battery Drain while Riding?

Why does my Motorcycle Battery Drain while Riding? />


Natural wear and tear on a battery from normal use cannot be avoided. This also applies to motorcycle batteries and, as batteries grow older, they get closer to the end of their useful life.

One thing that often causes concerns among motorcyclists is that their batteries start to drain while riding.

There are different reasons for such a problem and BPZ would look to highlight some of these.

Apart from providing the starting current for the motorcycle, the battery is also responsible for providing power to different electronics present within the motorcycle. These include digital meters and lights. When we ride, the alternator present in the motorcycle recharges the battery.

However, if the alternator malfunctions, the battery starts to drain when riding. Signs of a failing alternator include irregular behavior of electronics and lights being dimmer than usual, or dimming and brightening as you rev the motor.

A parasitic battery drain coupled with a failing alternator can make matters worse. A parasitic drain occurs when an electric component short circuits, which results in the battery draining even if the engine is off. The alternator itself can cause parasitic drain as well. If a diode within the alternator goes bad, it allows the flow of current in the reverse direction which creates a parasitic drain.

In some cases, alternator related issues are not responsible for the battery drain while riding. It could be the result of bad connections to the terminals of the battery. If the connections with the terminals are loose, or the terminals have corroded, then the alternator would not be able to charge the battery properly and would result in a net drain.

A faulty tracking system can also drain the battery

It is also suggested to inspect the terminals of the battery for tightness and clean, corrosion-free connection when diagnosing battery drain.

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