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When one thinks of batteries, in most cases the first thought that comes to mind is either the car battery or the everyday AA torch batteries.

While these may be the most commonly used batteries, the reality is there are many kinds of batteries around us and they are also used in everyday applications.

We just rarely pay attention to them.

The gate motor battery

One such battery is the gate motor battery - a relatively unique battery many people do not know much about. As a battery expert, BPZ would like to highlight this particular type of battery by looking at its role in the electric gate system and discuss a few more aspects of the battery such as its typical lifespan and sizing.

Electric gate operation

First, let us look at the operation of the electric gate. Normally, an electric gate is a part of a security system in homes and commercial buildings. Sliding electric gates are quite common and used by millions of South Africans across the country.

How the Electric gates work

Electric gates make use of a motor that turns the gears responsible for driving the electric gate on its rails. The motor of the gate is powered by a gate motor battery. This battery can be charged by either connecting it to the mains via the gate controller’s charging system or even a solar power system.

How to connect a gate motor battery

If you have access to the main power supply then this is a viable and popular power source option for your gate motor system.

If the gate is located far from the mains power supply, then charging the battery using solar power is an alternate solution. When solar power is used to charge the battery, it is also recommended to install a secondary backup battery in the system. This can power the gate if the primary battery cannot be charged using solar energy, due to overcast conditions, etc.

The lifespan of a gate motor battery

The lifespan of a gate motor battery can vary. It depends mostly on how frequently the gate is used and if the battery is well-maintained or not. On average, one can expect the battery to last for 2-3 years. If the battery used is an older type Lead-acid battery, then one needs to regularly check the electrolyte levels and monitor the physical condition of the battery. There are varies types of lead-acid batteries, such as the most commonly used sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries and AGM batteries, which offer longer lifespans and require less maintenance, perhaps only checking terminals for corrosion.

What to consider when buying a gate motor battery

When selecting a gate motor battery, there are different things to consider. Ensure to choose a deep cycle battery that can provide a stable current to power the gate motor for extended durations. The size of the battery in terms of Voltage rating and Amp hours must match the requirements needed to power the motor and the weight of the gate. This information will be provided on the gate motor.

Selecting the incorrect battery might mean that the motor could be underpowered and become damaged while operating. This could also lead to an irregular motion of the gate during opening and closing and it could also result in the gate getting stuck which just creates an unnecessary inconvenience.

As retailers of the best gate motor batteries, we are available to assist and make sure that you are supplied with the correct gate motor battery for the job.

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